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ST600/1200mm/Pole Attachment Plus SF600mm – SYNERGY SET


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ST600-ST1200-SF600-PA-RET ST600-ST1200-SF600-PA-RET

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Take advantage of this new and exciting SYNERGY set – and save at the same time! Set contains popular ST 600mm, ST 1200mm, Pole Attachment and SF 600mm

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Product Description

SPEEDSKIM ST 600/1200mm/Pole Attachment Plus NEW SF 600mm – SYNERGY SET  

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Flatten – Rule Off – Finish & Polish – Combining the best attributes of the Speedskim ST & SF ranges!

By popular demand a wide range of Speedskim discounted ‘COMBI’, ‘PRO’ & ‘SYNERGY’ sets are now available in the Speedskim shop. Complimenting each other perfectly, these items when purchased as SYNERGY set give you a great discount! (compared to higher cost when purchased individually). In addition to the initial product discounts combined shipping means an overall great saving.


Listening to our customers (by popular demand), this particular ‘SYNERGY’set has been put together for those who want to get the work done as quickly and efficiently as possible – but specifically for Plasterers who prefer to use stainless steel as the contact point for final finishing and polishing. In doing so removing unnecessary trowel work, and reducing fatigue to a minimum.

The ST 1200mm takes care of medium and even large areas keeping the work incredibly flat, while the ST 600mm complements perfectly by taking care of more detailed areas i.e. reveals and around those awkward sockets and services.

The ST 600mm is fantastic on smaller areas including hallways, staircases and bathrooms. Having the two sizes together means you can keep all of your timings the same, meaning completion of all areas without the usual panic.

Adding the New SF 600mm – creating this exciting SYNERGY Set means Plasterers who prefer to use stainless steel as the contact point for final finishing and polishing, now have everything they need! The SF 600mm - is perfect for final finishing and polishing technical areas including hallways, staircases and bathrooms. Lightweight (0.5 kg) and easy to handle the SF 600mm is perfect for both walls and ceilings. Very effective on small and medium size areas.

Incredibly effective in Drywall applications – smoothing jointing compounds with ease. Makes light work of both tapered and butted plasterboard joints, leaving a perfect seamless finish –ready for easy sand and decoration.

Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment is included in this discounted set. This addition to the range means a further reduction in harmful operator fatigue, meaning ceilings are now a piece of cake!  Constructed from tough glass filled nylon the Attachment is compatible with all standard threaded extension poles including popular brands such as Hamilton’s and Purdy. *Extension pole not included.


Recent design modification to the ST blue blade tip means as well as flattening and ruling off, you can now finish the work too! Integral ribs toward the edge of the ST blade assist by gripping the material during the flattening and ruling off process, leaving the work incredibly flat. Once the material begins to stiffen the new design 4mm smooth edge comes into play, now allowing you to finish the work. This exciting modification means the Speedskim ST blue range is now even more versatile, not only increasing earning potential, but further reducing harmful RSI associated with continuous trowel use!

Both ST blue and SF pink ranges now come complete with integral blade gasket feature. This new gasket feature now engineered into all ranges reduces silt ingress into the aluminium handle blade slot, meaning lower user maintenance, smoother blade change, and overall better performance – particularly in ranging temperatures.

Before you make your final selection, please check out our other COMBI and PRO sets to make sure you have everything you need.


  • Skim Coat Plasters (including Multi-Finish, Board Finish and MP Finish)
  • Backing Plasters
  • One Coat Plasters
  • Spray Plasters
  • Spray Compounds
  • Sand & Cement
  • Lime Renders
  • Monocouche systems (K Rend/Pro Rend)
  • Latex Screeds

*For detailed information on each product please see the individual size listing.

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Weight 2.038 kg
Dimensions 139 x 15 x 7.5 cm


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