The Revolutionary Plasterers Rule

Traditional Rendering

Using Speedskim Technology™ – Traditional Render

To achieve the best possible results from your Speedskim® Flexible Plastering Rule please follow the simple how to guide below. If there is anything that you would like to ask please use the contact us page and we will be happy to run through any aspects.

Sand & Cement and Lime Render – Best Practice

  1. Apply scratch coat and any beads as you would normally – allow to dry.
  2. Apply top coat with trowel as you would normally.
  3. Immediately after application of top coat apply your Speedskim® to rule off. With its unique flexibility Speedskim® out performs all other methods considerably reducing any dragging or tearing – leaving an extremely flat finish.
  4. Float up as you would normally. As Speedskim® ‘closes in’ so well this now allows a much easier floating process.
  5. Sponge over as you would normally.

Alternating Applications

Your Speedskim® blade can alternate between render and skim-coat plaster applications. To achieve best results it is recommended that when going from render back to skim-coat you lightly apply either emery or flower paper to smooth and revive the blade edge. Course sandpaper is NOT recommended.

For Speedskim Technology™ best practice advice on other material applications please click on the appropriate heading tab.

Cleaning and Maintenance

For best results it is strongly recommended that you keep your Speedskim® clean during each operation and thoroughly clean immediately after use with clean cold water. When using Lime Render and concentrated lime based products we recommend removing blade after use and cleaning the blade and slot with clean cold water. It is good practice to periodically (once a week) spray the blade slot with WD40 – Once the unit is clean and lubricated replace blade and the end cap. Speedskim® is fitted with unique rapid drain end caps for your convenience.





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