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Using Speedskim System™ – Skim Coat Plaster

To achieve the best possible results from the Speedskim® System please scroll down to view our easy to follow ‘How to’ guide, complete with exciting system advantages.

If there is anything that you would like to ask please use the contact us page or give our friendly staff a call on +44 (0)845 6000 227, and we will be happy to run through any aspects with you.

  1. Apply skim coat plaster (Multi-Finish/Board Finish or MP Finish) with your trowel as you would normally.
  2. Immediately after skim coat plaster has been applied – deploy your Speedskim ST™ and flatten the plaster back by gliding your Speedskim gently over the surface (Speedskim ST™ dramatically reduces surface moisture which now allows immediate application of the second coat of plaster).
  3. Apply second coat of skim with your trowel as you would normally.
  4. Repeat – Immediately after second coat of skim has been applied – deploy your Speedskim ST™ and flatten the plaster back.
  5. Great News! – Recent modification (Introduced 31st May 2014), means the ST™ blue blade can now be used to FINISH the work (as well as flatten and rule off). Using the the ST™ blue blade to finish couldn’t be easier, simply wait for the plaster to ‘pick up’ and finish as you would normally.

Unique flexibility of the Speedskim ST™ out performs all other methods, allowing the Plasterer to achieve flatter faster results – with an enhanced finish.

*Giving the Plasterer choices…

For those who prefer to use stainless steel to finish their work, the New Speedskim SF™ is now available – as a finishing option.

Finishing with the New Speedskim SF™

The New Speedskim SF™ has been developed to complement the existing ST blade, giving the Plasterer the opportunity to finish the work with all the advantages in terms PVC flexibility, but with stainless steel technology as the contact point.

The New Speedskim SF™ (designed specifically for finishing) allows the Plasterer to finish the bulk of the work at an accelerated pace, reducing fatigue at the same time. Reduction in daily fatigue is arguably the Speedskim System’s most important feature!

Using the New Speedskim SF™

Once you have flattened in the second coat skim coat with your Speedskim ST™ it’s now time to finish the work. The SF is a completely new method which means adopting a slightly different approach. With the Speedskim SF™ the fundamental difference is you don’t wait too long for the plaster to pick up – usually 5 to 10 minutes max (under normal conditions).

  1. Apply water to the SF blade first using a brush or sponge.
  2. Applying light pressure pass your new SF over the work.
  3. Repeat – after approximately 10 minutes apply your SF again – this time using slightly more pressure.
  4. Repeat again – after approx 5 minutes intervals. As the plaster gets firmer at each repetition stage, apply slightly more pressure.

*For final polishing some Plasterers will prefer to give the skim coat a final pass with their trowel. We feel this is sometimes just a habit built up over many years of plastering – but nevertheless, entirely up to the user and personal preference.

*The instructions above are our recommendations for best practice using our Speedskim equipment. It’s important to note that these are guidelines only – timings and finishing procedures may vary slightly under different site conditions.

The system is designed for main areas of plaster – The SF is not designed to replace the trowel – it will still be necessary to use the trowel for corners and intersections.

For important hints and tips on the SF please visit the FAQ section of the site.


Which Skim Coat plasters is Speedskim® suitable for?

Speedskim® is suitable for all popular plasters including British Gypsum (Multi-Finish & Board Finish), Knauf (MP Finish & Universal Board Finish) and Lafarge finishing plasters.

Can I use my Speedskim® in other applications?

For Speedskim Technology® best practice advice on other material applications please check out the other headings on the ‘How to’ tab.

Caring for your Speedskim® – Cleaning and Maintenance

For best results it is strongly recommended that you keep your Speedskim® clean during each operation and thoroughly clean immediately after use with clean cold water. This will ensure optimum performance in ranging temperatures

End of each working session
  1. Remove blade from the aluminium handle.
  2. Sponge both blade and slot with clean cold water.
  3. Slide blade back in and replace end caps.
Once a week (recommended)

Your Speedskim® has been carefully designed to allow for blade expansion during ranging temperatures – For optimum performance and to allow easy blade change we recommend at least once a week (after your end of session cleaning) a small squirt of silicone spray at the end of the blade slot prior to feeding the blade back in.

*Lime based renders (IMPORTANT)

When using on lime based renders (and any concentrated lime based products) we STRONGLY recommend removing blade after each working session following all the above cleaning steps.

*Cleaning should be carried out with clean cold water only. DO NOT clean with water containing PVA or other sealers.





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