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Welcome to the Speedskim SF™ FAQ’s section.

The New SF Finishing units have been trialled and tested among many professionals since July 2013. Please scroll down to find your question and answer based on feedback during the trial period.

Health & Safety First!

The new Speedskim SF™ has a stainless steel tip. As with all metal edges (just like your trowel) these can be sharp from new, and will become sharper over a period of use. For important tips on blade changes and best practice please visit Health & safety section.

Care & Maintenance – what are the guidelines?
Your Speedskim SF™ is designed to allow for blade expansion during ranging temperatures and should be cleaned with clean cold water after each use.

Once a week (recommended)
For optimum performance and to allow easy/safe blade change we recommend at least once a week (after your end of session cleaning) that the blade is carefully removed and the aluminium slot is cleaned down with clean cold water. This prevents any silt build-up, and ensures easy/safe blade change – and optimum tool performance.

When feeding the SF blade back in liberal squirt of silicone spray at the end of the blade slot for easy slide/insertion. Prior to storing away after each working session it’s advisable to dry the entire Speedskim unit - including the stainless steel tip with a soft cloth.

What can I use the New SF on?

The New SF units have been developed specifically for finishing plasters. They are perfect for use on:

British Gypsum
Thistle Multi-Finish & Board Finish
Thistle Universal One Coat
New Thistle Magnetic Plaster
Thistle Spray Finish
MP Finish

Can I use on my SF on renders?

The New SF is not designed for renders – It has been designed for plasters only and therefore is not guaranteed in any way in these applications. Please read the relevant ‘How to’ and FAQ’s carefully to find out what the SF is recommended for use on.

Does the New SF need breaking in?

The New SF is a completely new concept combining the flexibility of PVC with a unique stainless steel tip. The flexibility of the PVC and fine (0.23mm) tip, combined with 2mm Radius ends mean the New SF needs virtually no breaking in. Like all ‘new’ finishing tools though performance improves with some use – Good news is the breaking in period is only a day or two. If you want to accelerate the breaking in process there are several ways to do so:

1,   To accelerate the breaking in process we recommend wiping the  stainless steel tip (long edge) and corners gently with a 220 grit sanding pad. These can be purchased at any good DIY, decorating center or automotive outlet (B&Q, Dulux Decorating Centres and Halfords etc.)  The best pads to use have a thin sponge layer but you can also use fine grade wet and dry paper. * When apply the pads and smoothing the stainless steel to always wear the recommended rubber safety gloves (as the edges can be sharp)

SF Recommended Sanding pads



2,  The SF breaking in process can also be accelerated by wet and dry troweling on the plaster surface. To do this finish the work with your trowel as normal, but on the later stages deploy your SF with firm pressure to break in the stainless steel tip. Spraying water on the wall in this process is recommended.

* Rubber safety gloves are recommended when sanding/smoothing

Speedskim SF Safety Gloves_Recommended_LOW RES

3, Some Plasterers will be inclined to try and bend the ends of the stainless steel tip. We DO NOT recommend this as it can cause the steel to fracture. If you have any queries on the breaking in process please feel free to get in touch, and we will be happy to guide you through it:   T: +44(0)8456000227   E: sales@speedskim.co.uk

Can I use the New SF right through the plastering gauge?

The Speedskim New SF has been developed to complement the existing ST blade giving the Plasterer the opportunity to finish the work with the same advantages in PVC flexibility, but with stainless steel technology as the contact point.
You can use the SF through the gauge but to get the best system results we recommend using the ST to flatten first. As the ST holds the moisture back allowing you to accelerate the initial stages – this give you the fastest plastering results.

I have the Speedskim ST already – should I just buy some SF blade on for the existing handle?

For fastest plastering results we recommend buying the whole unit. Buying new SF blades and swapping/changing them around in your existing unit through the gauge is not efficient and will lead to blade damages. To get best results having complete ST and SF units ensures an efficient routine.

When is the best time to deploy the SF?

We recommend not letting the plaster pick up too much. Unlike traditional trowel the SF is designed to be deployed after 5 to 10 minutes max. Subsequent passes should be at similar intervals until the work is finished. It’s important to apply clean water to the SF blade using brush or sponge on each separate stage. On the later stages when plaster is firm we recommend spraying the plaster surface using with clean cold water using a good quality spray bottle (on fine spray setting). Cleaning the blade between stages is also essential.

My SF is dragging or leaving lines – what can I do?

The SF may drag on the first few uses during the short breaking in period. Good news is this period is very short, and can be accelerated (See FAQ ‘ Does the New SF need breaking in?’).

As you are deploying the SF to the plaster sooner than normal, you may experience some lines. As the finishing stages are closer together using the SF, these lines will disappear on subsequent passes as the plaster firms up.

Please see SF ‘How to’ guides for full details.

My SF is digging in or bouncing – why is this?

It’s important to apply pressure evenly. On initial passes pressure should be fairly light. If you are using one hand make sure you are holding the Speedskim handle in the middle. On subsequent passes as the plaster firms up we recommend increasing the pressure – using two hands evenly spaced on the handle.

Can I use the SF with the pole attachment when finishing ceilings?

Yes absolutely – The Speedskim pole attachment is designed specifically for this delivering pressure evenly across the width of the handle. Use light pressure to begin with. On subsequent stages as the plaster firms up increase the pressure.

What is the best angle for use?

The optimum angle for use is quite acute (slightly more than the ST) – we recommend 15° to 17.5° to the substrate gives a nice smooth finish.

Can I use the SF to fill any imperfections in the plaster?

Once you get used to the new SF you will find it quite easy to use any excess plaster on the blade to fill imperfections in the work during the initial finishing stages.

Should I use my normal trowel to polish?

The Speedskim SF™ can be used to completely finish the work. The stainless steel blade tip leaves a nice smooth matt finish – perfect for decorating. Using traditional trowel and corner trowel will be necessary for cleaning up the edges, but the main bulk of the work is now taken care of using the SF.
Using a conventional trowel or plastic trowel for the very final polish is optional and down to individual preference. In some ways it is just a habit.

Can I get a protective case for my New SF?

Unfortunately not right now – but the good news is its high on our list and we are going to manufacture robust protective clip/guards in 2014.
In the meantime as a quick fix to protect the SF stainless steel edge  we recommend good quality 15mm pipe insulation to protect the stainless steel SF edge. Simply cut the pipe insulation to length, slit down the pre-marked edge to open the foam, and then gently slide onto the stainless steel edge from one end. Good quality 15mm pipe insulation can be purchased from any good DIY outlet, builders merchant or plumbing merchant.

I dont see my question here – What can I do?

If you do not see your question and answer above please feel free to email or call with your query. Speedskim Customer Service and Technical Support are available 7 days a week and our friendly staff are always on hand to help. If your query is urgent calling is sometimes quicker.

Speedskim Customer Service & Technical Support         E: sales@speedskim.co.uk  T: +44(0)8456000227


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