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Speedskim Technology™ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a Speedskim® product or you are already a valued customer please see below some frequently asked technical questions and answers.

We hope this assists you but if you would like to ask a question that isn’t listed or discuss something in more detail please contact us: T: +44(0)845 6000 227 E:info@speedskim.co.uk. Customer Service and technical advice is available 7 days a week.

The following FAQ’s are for ST (blue blade) units and general Speedskim equipment best practice.

For bespoke FAQ’s on the New Speedskim SF (pink blade) finishing units – please click here to view.

Care & Maintenance – what are the guidelines?

Your Speedskim ST™ is designed to allow for blade expansion during ranging temperatures and should be cleaned with clean cold water after each use. Please see the following maintenance guidelines:

Plastering applications: 

For optimum performance and to allow easy/safe blade change we recommend at least once a week (after your end of session cleaning) that the blade is carefully removed and the aluminium slot is cleaned down with clean cold water. This prevents any silt build-up, and ensures easy/safe blade change – and optimum tool performance.
When feeding the ST blade back in liberal squirt of silicone spray at the end of the blade slot for easy slide/insertion.

Sand & Cement /Lime based renders:

When using your Speedskim on sand & cement (especially lime based render products) we recommend the same maintenance steps as above but strongly advise cleaning of the aluminium blade slot when you have finished for the day – to ensure best performance and easy blade changes.

When I use my ST on Skim-Coat I am finding it ‘drags’. What am I doing wrong?

When used in the Skim-Coat process Speedskim ST is designed to be deployed immediately after the plaster application. For more detailed instructions and applications please go to the “how to guides”.

Should I round the corners on my new Speedskim ST?

Some plasterers will be inclined to immediately round the corners. Speedskim® is like any other tool in that you have to familiarise yourself with how to use and get used to the ‘feel’. Some of our customers prefer the corners square but it is entirely up to the user and individual preference. If you decide to round the corners we recommend no more than the diameter of a ‘five pence’ piece. If you choose to round the corners on your ST this can be carried out quite easily using emery or flour paper. Course sandpaper is NOT recommended.

What is the best angle to use my ST?

Flattening skim coat:

When using on skim coat plaster materials we recommend an optimum angle of use between 17.5° and 22.5° to the material/substrate – for best results. The skim coat material should be flattened by gliding the ST lightly over the surface.

Ruling off backing plasters & renders:

When ruling off backing plasters and renders its necessary to adopt a steeper angle . When using in these applications we recommend an angle between 40° – 70° to the material/substrate – This steeper angle to the material allows the blade to become more rigid in its operation.

Are the ribs/lines supposed to be on the blade?

Yes – this is part of the Speedskim® design. The lines (or Ribs) grip the plaster/material and assist in the distribution. The lines give the blade traction and permit both flattening and ruling off operations.

Can I use Speedskim ST for finishing/polishing plaster?

Our standard Speedskim ST blade is primarily designed for flattening and ruling off. For those who like to finish the work in plastic, we have recently modified the ST to try and accommodate this. Any Speedskim ST purchased on our website (or our Speedskim eBay store) on or after 30th May 2014 has this new feature. Plastering is a craft, and in our opinion it’s entirely up to the individual to decide if they want to try and finish the work with their Speedskim ST unit.

For finishing the work please see Speedskim SF

Can I use my Speedskim ST for skimming over unwanted textured/stippled ceilings/walls?

Yes the Speedskim ST is excellent for plastering over those unwanted textured ceilings and walls. The combination of blade rigidity and flexibility means the Speedskim ST glides across the unwanted substrate leaving incredibly flat results. With regard to  carrying out this operation as a good tip we always advise the Plasterer to use ThistleBond-it rather than standard PVA’s –  to seal the surface properly and ensure a sound a key.

I’ve damaged my Speedskim ST blade – What can I do?

Speedskim ST blades are incredibly robust, but if they do become worn or damaged they are easily and efficiently replaced. To purchase new Speedskim blades please visit the Speedskim Accessories section of the website. If you have any queries regarding new blades or require assistance please get in touch T: +44(0)845 6000 227

How do I change the Speedskim blade?

Your Speedskim has been designed to make changing the blade easy. Please see our Speedskim Technology® Blade Change Tutorial for simple bullet point instructions. We recommend applying a squirt of silicone spray to the new blade end and aluminium slot before insertion –for easy slide. Routine Care & Maintenance of your Speedskim unit is very important – please refer to the Care & Maintenance guidelines above to view these important recommendations.

My Speedskim blade is stuck and I cant get it out – what can I do?

If your Speedskim blade is difficult to remove or stuck, unfortunately this is due to poor maintenance and silt build-up. In the event that your blade is hard to remove or stuck we advise DO NOT attempt to force the blade or hit it with anything (as this may cause irreparable damage to the handle/slot) . More often than not this situation can be remedies quite easily by soaking the whole Speedskim unit in a water butt for a few hours or overnight. This typically loosens any hard silt and allows the blade to simply slide out.

This problem can be avoided by making sure you carry out the Care & Maintenance steps when using your Speedskim equipment (see guidelines at the top of this page) – There is also a Care & Maintenance sticker on the handle.

I have broken/lost one of the end caps – what can I do?

End caps are universal across all Speedskim Rule sizes. Please contact us for instructions on how to obtain replacements: T: +44(0)845 6000 227

I’ve been using my ST on Sand & Cement and wish to now use on plaster – Will this be ok?

Your Speedskim ST blade can alternate between sand & cement and skim-coat plaster applications. To achieve best results when going from sand &cement back to skim-coat it is recommended that you lightly apply either emery or flour paper, to smooth and revive the blade edge. Course sandpaper is NOT recommended.

How should I store my Speedskim?

Your Speedskim equipment should be stored completely independently away from other equipment and materials, preferably on a flat shelf. When storing in van/truck (particularly during warm spells) this is very important, as any adverse or imposed loads/pressure can result in blade deformation.

Speedskim blades are constructed from PVC and are therefore sensitive to warm environments. To ensure blades remain straight when stored its very important to follow the Care & Maintenance guidelines. Routine cleaning of the blade slot (to remove any silt build-up) combined with recommended storage procedures will ensure your Speedskim blades remain perfectly straight – even at high temperature.

Storing/leaving your Speedskim/s in cars is not advised. These environments can become incredibly hot due to the glass area’s. Storing on seats or any uneven surfaces is not recommended and will result in the blades taking shape.

Where should I keep my spare blades?

We recommend that all Speedskim spare blades stored independently away from any other equipment/materials to save from damage. They should kept flat and preferably in a cool environment – preferably garage or shed/storeroom. Do not store other equipment or articles on top of your spare blades.

I cant find my question listed here – what can I do?

If you cant see your particular Speedskim question listed above – please get in touch! Customer Service is incredibly important to us and we are available 7 days to answer any Product Technical or Sales & Shipping queries. T: +44(0)845 6000 227 or E: sales@speedskim.co.uk





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