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Speedskim SF™ Safety notice – Important!

Welcome to this important section of the site. Customer safety is of the utmost importance to us and we therefore feel it’s important to inform you of any potential hazards/operations when using our equipment.

Please scroll down to view the safety precautions and guidelines to ensure safe use: 

Speedskim SF™ blades can sometimes be sharp from new and with continual use they can become sharper. Great care should be taken when inserting or removing from the handle and during routine cleaning. Please see the following instruction guidelines for safe blade removal & insertion:

SF Blade Removal: Wearing general purpose rubber gloves for this operation is advised. Remove end cap first then push the blade out SLOWLY from the opposing end of the Speedskim handle. As it slowly passes through the handle approximately halfway, switch from a pushing action, and pull out remainder by gripping the end of the blade. It is NOT recommended to grip the blade anywhere along its stainless steel edge when removing.

SF Blade Insertion: Wearing general purpose rubber gloves for this operation is advised. First locate the blade in the slot at the end of the aluminium handle. Grip blade firmly and carefully and run it along the slot (A liberal squirt of silicone spray in the slot first is recommended, and can assist with this operation). This operation should be performed very slowly. Finally secure the blade in the handle by engaging the end cap.

Generally: Great care should be taken during SF blade insertion and removal operations. SF blades should be dried first with soft cloth to avoid any slipping. Wearing general purpose rubber gloves for these operations is STRONGLY advised. Insertion and removal operations must be carried out slowly and carefully to avoid accidents.

If you have any queries or concerns on best practice for changing blades or have any general concerns over using the new blades in terms of safety – please contact Customer Services on +44(0)845 6000 227 and we will be pleased to assist with you enquiry. Speedskim Customer Service is available 7 days.


Speedskim SF Safety Gloves_Recommended_LOW RES

We advise the use of protective non slip gloves when changing the SF blade.


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