The Revolutionary Plasterers Rule

Perfect for use on walls and ceilings,
Increase Your Meterage.
Speedskim improves flattening of uneven surfaces.
Speedskim offers improved ruling off of all backing plasters.
Speedskim is ideal for use with traditional
and one coat plaster systems.
Speedskim is excellent for use on skim coat plaster.


OX TOOLS takes Speedskim® to the next level!

Fast becoming one of the strongest brands in the trade with a reputation for great quality tools, award winning brand OX TOOLS are very pleased to announce the addition of Speedskim® to its range.

The plastering industry doesn’t regularly see the launch of exciting, innovative products. Since its launch in 2012 Speedskim® has been reinvigorating the Plastering and Drywall professions with a system that not only reduces fatigue and increases productivity, but is set to educate the next generation of Plasterers.

Understanding the benefits of Speedskim® and its importance in the trade, with ‘Global Distribution Rights’, OX TOOLS are now driving Speedskim® forward to accelerate growth and help the product gain the awareness it deserves in the marketplace!

As part of these new exciting arrangements the Speedskim® website is now for information only. To find your nearest OX Speedskim Stockist visit the OX Find a Dealer page

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About Speedskim®

Please scroll down to find out how Speedskim® can benefit your plastering and rendering business by increasing earning capacity and reducing the harmful effects of fatigue.

Speedskim® The New Revolutionary Flexible Rule for Plastering & Rendering…

Through extensive research and prototyping the new Speedskim® ST Flexible Rule has been developed to increase output and improve quality of finish – bringing the plastering trade into the 21st Century. Developed primarily for Plastering and Rendering Speedskim® can enhance and accelerate a range of other construction applications making it extremely versatile. When used in the skim coat process Speedskim Technology® allows ‘fattening in’ immediately after plaster application – bringing no moisture to the surface Speedskim® ST accelerates the overall plastering process. With its unique flexibility Speedskim® ST out performs all other Featheredges and Darby’s, achieving a flatter faster finish – giving the Plasterer the confidence to complete larger hits. In today’s tough financial climate the New Speedskim® Flexible Rule is the obvious choice to stay ahead of the competition - with the potential of increased earning capacity.

Speedskim® Increases Comfort – Reduces Fatigue

Speedskim®  (World Patents Pending) is Ergonomically Designed – Its tough, lightweight construction gives increased comfort to the Plasterer, even during prolonged or extensive use. When using to ‘flatten back’ or ‘rule off’ the unique Speedskim® handle design allows the fingers and wrists to be used in a more natural posture gliding over the wider area of plaster. In eliminating the need for the steel trowel during this aspect of the plastering process Speedskim® considerably reduces the effects of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) on fingers, wrists and upper body usually associated with the trauma of continuous steel trowel use. Anecdotal evidence so far suggests a reduction of at least 50% over traditional methods.

Speedskim® Improves Quality of Finish

With its unique combination of longitudinal rigidity and lateral flexibility Speedskim® achieves a flatter faster finish particularly on uneven substrates. Use on multi-finish, all backing plasters, one coat plaster systems and Renders… Speedskim® – A full range of sizes for Use On:

  • British Gypsum Multi-finish, Board Finish – including New Thistle Magnetic 
  • Knauf MP75 & MP Finish
  • Backing plasters – hardwall, bonding and many others
  • One coat plaster systems
  • Spray Plaster systems – British Gypsum, Knauf and Lafarge
  • Traditional Sand & Cement and Lime Renders
  • Monocouche Render Systems, Weber, K-Rend, Pro-Rend
  • Tape Jointing and drywall compounds
  • Decorating – General Filling, Smoothing and Trimming Vinyl Wall Coverings
  • Traditional and Machine applied Latex self-leveling screeds

The New Speedskim® Plastering Rule comfortably produces an improved surface finish in a substantially shorter time…





  • "Speedskim is a great product which will revolutionise the speed and method with which we plaster."
    5 out of 5
    David Bland – Darlington College


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We’re passionate about plastering & rendering, Speedskim® works closely with the following companies & institutions – all of which use or endorse our Speedskim® equipment. For more information on their individual products and services just ‘click’…









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